Platinum French Bulldog: Unveiling the Allure of This Rare Coat Color

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Platinum French Bulldog

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re curious about what exactly a Platinum French Bulldog is.

Platinum French Bulldogs are essentially Cream French Bulldogs with a unique genetic twist. This rare genetic profile adds to their aesthetic appeal and makes them a valuable asset for breeders looking to explore diverse color palettes in their breeding programs.

Understanding what makes these dogs special requires a dive into their genetic characteristics and why they hold such a prized position in the world of French Bulldogs. 

If you’re here to uncover the specifics of the Platinum French Bulldog breed, you’re in the right place for a comprehensive exploration.

What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

Platinum French Bulldogs are essentially Cream French Bulldogs graced with a unique genetic signature that elevates their allure. 

The elegant and creamy coat of Platinum colored French Bulldogs is not only mesmerizing but also highly valued among breeders. Thanks to their distinct genetics, these dogs serve as a versatile canvas that allows breeders to explore a spectrum of other captivating colors.

Besides the color, Platinum French Bulldogs share all characteristics with the French Bulldog breed, which you can find on our Breed Info page.

Platinum French Bulldog DNA Explained

What is a Platinum French Bulldog? What Makes a Platinum Colored French Bulldog?

It is the genetic makeup of Platinum French Bulldogs that makes them particularly fascinating.

It takes the combination of three recessive genes to produce a Platinum Frenchie.

You should ensure they have the “ee” Cream gene to get a Cream French Bulldog. Additionally, you need the “dd” blue gene, also known as the dilute gene. Finally, the dog should have either the “coco” or “bb” gene responsible for the cocoa or chocolate color.

What are The Different Variations of Platinum French Bulldog?

There are three main variations of the Platinum French Bulldog. Each variation gets a different name based on the combination of genes it carries.

  • Isabella Platinum carries three different genes, including cream, blue, and chocolate genes.
  • Lilac Platinum carries three different genes: the cream gene, the blue gene, and the cocoa gene.
  • New Shade Platinum has cream, blue, cocoa, and chocolate genes.
Platinum French Bulldog DNA

Are Platinum French Bulldogs rare?

It is highly unlikely to get a Platinum French Bulldog by chance due to their extreme rarity.

To give you an idea, if you breed two fawn French Bulldogs with each carrying one copy of blue, cream, chocolate, and cocoa, the likelihood of getting a new shade platinum Frenchie is 0.391%. That’s how rare they are.

Why do Platinum French Bulldogs are highly sought after by Breeders ?

To produce certain coat colors like Blue, Isabella, or Lilac, both parents must carry at least one copy of the genes responsible for these colors. Then, they need to pass the genes down to their offspring, who must inherit two copies of the genes to express the color.

To produce a Blue Frenchie, it is necessary for the dog to inherit two copies of the dilute gene “d”.

Assuming you have a female blue Frenchie, you may want to breed her to get more blue French Bulldogs.

In order to obtain a blue French Bulldog Puppy, you will need to find a male dog that carries the blue gene. If the male dog carries one copy of the blue gene, you will have a 50% chance of obtaining a blue puppy. However, if he carries two copies of the blue gene, then your chances increase to 100%. 

In our case, breeding a Platinum Male Frenchie guarantees the desired color.

If you breed a platinum with blue, the offspring will be blue. If you breed a New Shade or Lilac platinum with Lilac, the offspring will be Lilac French Bulldog..

This is why having a platinum French Bulldog as part of your breeding program is so powerful and desirable.

How much is a Platinum French Bulldog?

Platinum French Bulldog

Platinum French Bulldogs can cost between $10,000 and $20,000, with the price varying by location, sex, breeding rights, and coat variation. The most expensive variation is the New Shade.

For those who are looking for a cuddle buddy instead of a show dog or breeding program, a standard cream Frenchie might be a great choice at a reasonable price. . 

“Why’s that?” you may ponder. 

Here’s the scoop: cream Frenchies are like Platinum’s doppelgangers, minus the rarity and the fuss. They’re splendid pets

As you can imagine, “genuine” Platinum French Bulldogs are very hard to come by and are very expensive due to their breeding qualities.

Did you notice how I said “genuine” Platinum Frenchies? Yes, that’s right, there are fake Platinum Frenchies out there, and you should be aware of that. 

Some dishonest breeders may sell you regular cream French bulldogs as platinum ones, resembling cream Frenchies.

Health Issues in Platinum French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs are susceptible to the same health issues as other French Bulldogs, including breathing difficulties due to their narrow airways.

Let’s list some common troubles:

  • Brachycephalic airway syndrome: Tough time catching a breath, especially on hot days or during exercise.
  • Hip dysplasia: A wonky hip joint that can lead to arthritis or discomfort.
  • Skin infections: Those adorable skin folds need regular cleaning to prevent nasty irritations.
  • IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease): A condition affecting the spinal discs that can lead to pain, nerve damage, and paralysis.
  • Allergies: Can cause itching, skin infections, and discomfort, often requiring dietary management and regular vet care.

However, with their shiny coat comes a lesser-known nemesis, specific to Platinums and other dogs carrying the blue gene: Color Dilution Alopecia. It might sound like a mouthful, but it boils down to this:

  • Color Dilution Alopecia: Hair loss and skin issues due to pigment dilution.

Remember, a healthy Platinum Frenchie is a happy one, so regular vet checks and preventive care go a long way. Nurturing these pups with an ounce of knowledge and a pound of love is a commitment — but one worth every moment for the joy they bring!

Is Platinum Frenchie Recognized by AKC?

First things first:
The American Kennel Club (AKC), the governing body that sets the standards for canine breeds, does not specifically list “Platinum” as a recognized color for French Bulldogs. Instead, these shiny-coated buddies fall under a broader umbrella.

So, are they recognized?
Yes, but not by the “Platinum” moniker. These pups are actually recognized as “Cream.” Their special coat appears due to certain latent qualities they possess, but in essence, they’re a cream-colored Frenchie in the AKC’s eyes.

But why call them Platinum?
Their unique genetic and coloration – a stunning, pale coat often with a hue that resembles precious metals. Hence, the term “Platinum” is more of an endearment used by enthusiasts and breeders rather than an official classification.

Remember, just because the AKC doesn’t say “Platinum,” it doesn’t make these pups any less adorable. Their recognized “Cream” status is just the official jargon. When it comes down to it, what we want is a healthy and happy four-legged friend. And trust me, regardless of the label, a Cream Frenchie’s charm is anything but lackluster!

Finding a Healthy Platinum French Bulldog for Sale

Platinum French Bulldog

When I started my search for a French Bulldog, I knew it was crucial to find a healthy pup. After countless cups of tea and hours of research, I realized that your best bet for a healthy dog starts with a remarkable breeder. To spot one of these gems, you’ll need your detective hat. Checking for a breeder’s reputation is akin to reading reviews for the best pie shop in town—you want top quality, no substitutes.

  • Health tests: Look for breeders who can provide health clearances for the parents. This reduces the risk of common genetic issues.
  • DNA Tests: For Platinum Frenchies, this is a must to ensure you get what you paid for.
  • Living conditions: A visit to the breeder’s home is like peeking into the pup’s first chapter. Clean, spacious, and loving environments are green flags.
  • Questions and answers: A chatterbox breeder isn’t a bad thing! Expect plenty of questions about your lifestyle to ensure you’re the right fit, and don’t be shy to ask your own.
  • Puppy’s behavior: Observe the litter. A healthy puppy should be curious and playful, not timid or lethargic.

Remember, a reputable breeder is not just selling a dog; they’re casting a new family member for a lifetime show. They should be as concerned about the puppy’s future home as you are about its health. And if they offer a health guarantee, that’s the cherry on top.

The Bottom Line

As you understand now, Platinum Frenchies are primarily for breeders, but you can still own one if desired. However, they will appear almost identical to standard Cream Frenchies apart from their unique genetics.

In the end, what matters the most is bringing home a healthy and happy pup that will change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify a Platinum French Bulldog among other colors?

The only way to be 100% sure you are in the presence of a platinum Frenchie is to do a DNA Test attesting to the presence of two copies of at least three of these four recessive genes: blue, cream, and cocoa or chocolate. It is impossible to determine it just by looking at it.

What are the typical health considerations when owning a Platinum French Bulldog?

Now, these pooches may look like they’ve hit the genetic lottery with their coat, but health-wise, they’re like any other French Bulldog. The only specific issue they might encounter is Color Dilution alopecia, which is attributed to the presence of the blue gene.

Why Platinum French Bulldogs are so expensive?

My friend, in the world of Frenchies, rarity often equals a heftier price tag. Platinums are not as common as your everyday Frenchie colors. Plus, that eye-catching pale coat can make them instant show-stoppers. Just remember, higher cost doesn’t always mean better – personality and health are your gold standards.

Where can I find a Platinum French Bulldog for sale?

Finding a reputable breeder is key. Before you bring home a Platinum Frenchie, do your homework. Look for breeders with glowing reviews, heaps of knowledge, and a transparent health screening process. A breeder worth their salt will be just as curious about you as you are about their puppies.

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