Is That A Little Cow? No, It’s A Piebald French Bulldog!

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Look at this cutie!
Credit 📸: @nellsfrenchbulldogs

It has a white coat and black patches – but it’s not a cow or a zebra. Can you guess what it is? That’s right! It’s a Piebald Frenchie.

What’s a Piebald French Bulldog?

A Piebald Frenchie has a white coat and colored patches throughout their body. These patches are far from uniform and can vary in shape and size. Piebalds are somewhat rare.

These beautiful Frenchies are something else. I know because Luzy, my youngest Frenchie, is a Piebald herself!

And while she loves to beg for treats or steal toys, there’s more to Piebald Frenchies than taking treats or their cow-like coats. Learn all about it below.

What’s A Piebald French Bulldog?

pied Frenchie begging
Luzy comes up with a plan to steal a bag of treats.

A Piebald French Bulldog is a rare type of Frenchie most people can recognize because of their white coats and colored patches.

Most Piebalds are white and black, meaning they look like adorable little cows. In some cases, a Frenchie can have dark-colored patches that are not black (and more people are looking for Piebalds with anything other than black patches, so that trend may turn around soon).

Each Piebald sports unique patterns and patches around their body. You’ll have a hard time finding two alike! 

Why is that? Because the shape and size of these patches change from dog to dog. 

For example, Luzy has lovely black patches on her back – but her brothers and sisters have none there!

Are Piebald and Pied Frenchies The Same?

Piebald and Pied refer to the same type of Frenchie. In fact, you can find plenty of other dog breeds that can be piebald and pied, too. The Piebald Dachshund is a perfect example of that.

Speaking of which, did you know the term “piebald” has nothing to do with pies or bald people?

Meme Piebald Frenchie
Who knew?

The term comes from pie (as in magpie) and bald (as in having white spots, not baldness). It was first used for pigeons – but now we get to use it for French Bulldogs too.

In most Spanish-speaking countries, they’re called “vaquitas,” which is Spanish for little cows! You can probably guess that name also comes from their white coats and dark-colored patches.

What Color Is A Piebald Frenchie?

Piebald Puppy Frenchie playing with Brindle Frenchie adult
Can you tell which one is a Piebald? It’s a tough one!

Piebald Frenchies have a somewhat even distribution of two colors, one of which is always white.

Does that mean Piebalds are white? Not quite! Technically speaking, a Piebald pattern refers to colored coats with white spots. So, Pied Frenchies would be the color of their patches, not their white coat. 

However, most people refer to them as white.

I see no point in bothering with that, though. You can simply say these Frenchies are white plus another color.

Here’s a quick sidenote: while all Piebalds have a white coat (or white spots), their patches can be of one of several colors. There’s more than one way to be a Piebald! 

How Many Types Of Piebald French Bulldogs Are There?

Can you tell which one is a Piebald? It’s a tough one!

You can tell different types of Piebald Frenchies by the color of their patches. These patches can be blue, brindle, and fawn, among others.

Besides the traditional Black & White Piedbald Frenchie, the other common types of Piebalds are:

  • Brindle & Pied
  • Chocolate & Pied 
  • Fawn & Pied
  • Blue & Pied
variation of piedbald french bulldogs
Credit 📸: 1 – Brindle Pied Frenchie @Cooper, 2 – Fawn Pied French Bulldog @Canisfotografie, 3 – Chocolate Pied Frenchie @Gin&JuiceBulldogs, 4 – Blue & Pied French Bulldog @Jamie&Marvin

You’ll also find rarer Piebalds, like Fluffy Frenchies with Blue and Piebald genes – but only if you’re lucky enough! The Piebald gene can mix in very interesting ways, though that’s not saying they’re common combinations.

White and Black Piebald Frenchies are the most common. The rest of them can have patches of different shades according to their color. 

For example, a Blue Pied Frenchie may have light silver or charcoal-colored patches. Genetics is the reason why these French Bulldogs have different coats.

What Makes a Piebald Frenchie?

A Frenchie needs recessive S Locus Genes (sP) to be a Piebald. In certain cases, that piece of doggy DNA makes a dog sport the same colors as cows and zebras.

Most of the time, one recessive S Locus (sP) gene is not enough: a Frenchie with one sP allele may have Pied offspring – but it’s likely that they won’t be Pied themself.

You need two Frenchies with at least one recessive S gene (sP) each to have a litter of Pied puppies. That way, both recessive genes will pass down to the puppies.

In other words, one puppy with two recessive S Locus Genes equals a Piebald Frenchie!

It’s worth mentioning that the S Locus Gene works under what’s called incomplete dominance. Sometimes, Frenchies with one recessive S gene may sport some Piebald patterns. I’d recommend you focus on the explanation above to avoid any confusion.

If genetics were straightforward, you’d only need a Black Frenchie and a White Frenchie to get Piebalds – but that’s not the case.

Are Piebald Frenchies Rare?

You can consider Piebalds to be somewhat rare. These Frenchies are not as common as Brindles – but they’re not as rare as Isabellas either!

I can’t help but think Piebald French Bulldogs are far from rare – but that’s because I live with one! She’s one of the cutest dogs in a cow costume I’ve ever seen.

I also got to know her brothers and sisters. She was the only one with black patches on her body. The rest only had specks of black on their heads. I told you there’s more than one way to be a Piebald!

Do you want to buy a Piebald Frenchie? I guess it’s time to talk about money, then.

How Much Does A Piebald Frenchie Cost?

Puppy Piebald Frenchie
Did someone order a Piebald?

You can find Piebald French Bulldogs for anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000. 

This type of Frenchie is a bit more expensive than Black or White Frenchies – and it’s not because breeders charge by the number of colors you want in your Frenchie. Price often has to do with rarity and demand.

Let’s take a look at our price chart:

  • Black Frenchies are rare but not in high demand, costing up to $4,000.
  • Piebald Frenchies are somewhat rare and somewhat in high demand, so they cost up to $5,000
  • Isabella Frenchies are rare and in high demand, costing $10,000 minimum.

Remember, that’s the initial investment! You have to think about future purchases too.

What Issues Do Piebald French Bulldogs Have?

Certain Piebalds are more likely to suffer from deafness because of their recessive genes. These Frenchies are also known as “extreme whites.” I’m talking about dogs with an almost all-white coat and little to no patches.

Does that mean your Piebald will be deaf? Not at all! It means it’s more likely than other Frenchies to be deaf in one or both ears.

You should talk to your vet if you suspect something is wrong with your Frenchie, hearing loss included. A vet will, most likely, perform a BAER test to find out.

Health Testing: The BAER Test

Other issues common to French Bulldogs are possible too. For example, Luzy, my Piebald, suffers from cherry eye. I talked to a vet as soon as I noticed it, and I’m glad to say we’ll sort that issue out soon!

What You Need To Know

A Piebald French Bulldog has a white coat and dark-colored patches throughout their body. In most cases, these patches are black – but can also be brown, brindle, fawn, or gray. If you find cows and dogs adorable, adopting or buying a Piebald is the way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Piebald French Bulldog? 

A Piebald French Bulldog is a rare type of Frenchie with a white coat and colored patches throughout their body. These patches can vary in shape and size, making each Piebald unique.

Are Piebald and Pied Frenchies the same?

Yes, Piebald and Pied refer to the same type of French Bulldog. The term “piebald” comes from the words “pie” (as in magpie) and “bald” (as in having white spots), and it was first used for pigeons.

What colors can a Piebald Frenchie have?

Piebald Frenchies have a white coat with patches of another color, which can be black, brown, brindle, fawn, or blue. The distribution of these patches can vary from dog to dog.

How do you get a Piebald Frenchie?

To get a Piebald Frenchie, you need two Frenchies with at least one recessive S gene (sP) each to have a litter of Pied puppies. One puppy with two recessive S Locus Genes equals a Piebald Frenchie.

How Much is a Piebald French Bulldog?

The price of a Pied French Bulldog can vary depending on factors such as the breeder, location, and demand. On average, a Pied Frenchie can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, but prices can go up to $10,000 or more for rare colors or exceptional bloodlines. It’s essential to do your research and find a reputable breeder who can provide you with a healthy and well-socialized puppy.

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