Equal Parts Rare And Playful: Get To Know The Isabella French Bulldog!

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Isabella French Bulldog
Chapo, a cute Isabella & Tan Frenchie. Credit Photo: @chaponfrenchies

Do you want to bring a new four-legged friend to your family? An Isabella French Bulldog may be what you need – but beware! It won’t be easy to find one of these extremely rare Frenchies.

First, let’s answer the main question of the day. What’s an Isabella French Bulldog?

An Isabella French Bulldog has a fawn color with a little bit of blue and gray mixed in. It’s an incredibly rare and unique type of Frenchie, making it an expensive pick for would-be owners.

I spent a good while researching the subject – and learned a lot about Frenchie genetics to write this article. I even thought about a funny reference to talk about Isabellas.

Have you ever watched Pokemon? An Isabella is like a shiny French Bulldog! Its main characteristic is its unique color.

There’s more to know about these beautiful Frenchies – let’s dive into it!

What’s An Isabella French Bulldog?

Isabella French Bulldog
Isabella French Bulldog. Credit Photo: @chaponfrenchies

An Isabella French Bulldog is a rare type of Frenchie. It has a creamy fawn color that’s difficult to get when breeding dogs.

You’ve likely seen Black Frenchies and Blue Frenchies. You’ve probably stumbled your way into a White one as well! However, Isabella French Bulldogs are something else.

Truth be told, I can only remember seeing one or two of them on the streets – ever! The reason for their rarity lies in their genetic makeup.

It all boils down to this: you need two French Bulldogs with recessive coat color and dilution genes (which are difficult to find!) to get an Isabella Frenchie.

Their coat color is rare – but their playful nature is the same as any other French Bulldog. They’re little cuties that crave lots of attention and pets!

Okay, there’s one difference…  an Isabella Frenchie is more expensive than most French Bulldogs.

How Much Does An Isabella Frenchie Cost?

An Isabella French Bulldog will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. It’s one of the most expensive Frenchies you can buy.

Let’s take a look at a few examples from our price chart:

  • Black French Bulldogs cost $2,000 to $4,000
  • Blue French Bulldogs cost $4,000 to $6,000
  • Cocoa French Bulldogs cost $4,000 to $8,000
  • Isabella French Bulldogs cost $5,000 to $10,0000
  • Fluffy French Bulldogs cost $15,000 or more

Is spending $5,000 to $10,000 for a French Bulldog out of your reach? I understand!

You can always visit your local shelter and see whether an Isabella is waiting for a family. I always love to hear when a dog goes from the shelter to a home.

However, you should keep in mind you’ll continue spending money to give your new friend a much-deserved comfy life. I’m talking about beds, food, toys, and more.

Are you shopping around for an Isabella French Bulldog? Remember to look for trustworthy breeders, take your time to meet the dog, and make sure you’re willing to spend more than a decade taking care of that lovely fella!

Why Are Isabella French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Isabella Frenchies are rather rare! Their genetic makeup is difficult to replicate, meaning breeders have a hard time coming up with the right combination of French Bulldogs to get a litter of Isabella puppies.

I’m not going to confuse you with a thorough explanation of the DNA side of an Isabella Frenchie – but you don’t have to be a scientist to know genetics is a challenging game.

The money side of things is more straightforward: French Bulldogs are difficult to breed, especially if you’re looking for a litter of puppies with a particular coat. That’s what makes them so expensive!

Simply put, Isabella Frenchies are hard to find, so they cost more than a regular French Bulldog.

Do you want a thorough genetic explanation behind Isabellas? Read below!

What Genes Make An Isabella Frenchie?

An Isabella French Bulldog always carries bbdd genes. That four-letter combination represents their recessive B Locus and D Locus genes.

This section will help you understand how certain gene combinations determine coat color in Frenchies – and the bbdd makeup is the combination that produces Isabellas, so I’ll focus on that one. Please note that other genes will determine the final color, as seen in this video.

FRENCH BULLDOG DNA Explained - Recessive vs Dominate Genes

See? I told you the science side of this would be confusing! Let’s take a look at this table to better understand what’s going on when we focus on the two genes responsible for the Isabella color.

B Locus GeneD Locus GeneResult depending on other genes
BBDDNot Isabella, most likely Brindle, Fawn, or Black
BBDdNot Isabella, most likely Brindle, Fawn, or Black
BbDDNot Isabella, most likely Brindle, Fawn, or Black
BbDdNot Isabella, most likely Brindle, Fawn, or Black
BbddNot Isabella, most likely Blue or Blue’s variation
BBddNot Isabella, most likely Blue or Blue’s variation
bbDDNot Isabella, most likely Chocolate or Chocolate’s variation
bbDdNot Isabella, most likely Chocolate or Chocolate’s variation
bbddIsabella or Isabella’s variation

B Locus is the chocolate or brown coat color gene. Most French Bulldogs carry a “BB” or “Bb” gene. Meaning they won’t have the chocolate color. The D Locus is the dilute gene, which makes their coat color lighter if they carry 2 recessive variants “dd,” which we call blue in French Bulldog.

  • A Black French Bulldog has one or two dominant B Locus genes (i.e., “Bb” or “BB”) and one or two dominant D Locus genes (i.e., “Dd” or “DD”)
  • A Blue French Bulldog has the same B Locus genes (i.e., “Bb” or “BB”) and two recessive D Locus genes (i.e., “dd”)
  • A Chocolate French Bulldog has two recessive B Locus genes (i.e., “bb”) and one or two dominant D Locus genes (i.e., “Dd” or “DD”)

However, if both B Locus genes are recessive (i.e., “bb”) and both D Locus genes are recessive too (i.e., “dd”), you get an Isabella Frenchie. That’s what makes them so rare!

Do Isabella French Bulldogs Have Health Issues?

Color-dilution alopecia is the biggest thing to watch out for in an Isabella French Bulldog. It’s not life-threatening – but requires ongoing treatment when diagnosed.

What’s color-dilution alopecia? It’s a genetic condition that affects the hair and skin. It causes hair loss and dry skin and is common in dogs with blue and light-brown coats.

Unfortunately, Isabella Frenchies are prone to have this condition as it is linked to the blue gene “dd”. Don’t worry yet! It’s relatively uncommon, and if your furry friend is unlucky, your trusted vet will recommend a special brand of shampoo or skincare products to get CDA under control.

In other words, your friendly Frenchie will live a normal life even if he or she suffers from this condition. You should keep in mind not all Isabella French Bulldogs suffer from color-dilution alopecia, but they’re likely to have it.

Are Isabella Frenchies Different Than Lilac Frenchies?

Isabella Frenchies and Lilac Frenchies are two different types of French Bulldogs. They look similar (almost identical) – but have something that sets them apart.

I’m a little bit color-blind, so I have a hard time telling these two beautifully-colored puppies apart. However, you don’t need to look at their coat color to figure out which one is which.

You have to check the genes of a Frenchie to see if he or she is an Isabella or Lilac. A DNA test can help you with that.

Isabella Frenchies have blue and chocolate color genes. They’re very hard to come by together! In contrast, Lilac Frenchies have equal parts blue and cocoa color genes.

These two are close – but not quite. Cocoa and chocolate are similar colors but slightly different. It’s the same thing with cocoa and chocolate when discussing food: they appear to be the same – but aren’t. Either way, you shouldn’t give cocoa or chocolate to your French Bulldog!

What is the rarest French Bulldog Isabella?

New Shade French Bulldogs are the rarest type of Isabella there is. Allow me to explain.

You already know Isabella Frenchies and Lilac Frenchies are similar but quite different. One gene can turn a French Bulldog into an Isabella (chocolate coat color gene) or Lilac (cocoa coat color gene). 

However, you can get something even rarer if you mix the blue coat color gene (which both Isabellas and Lilacs have), the chocolate gene, and the cocoa gene.

So, you get a New Shade Frenchie when you hit the jackpot and get all three genes in a French Bulldog. I probably don’t have to tell you it hardly ever happens, so you’ll find little information about it. 

What does a New Shade French Bulldog look like? It’s like an Isabella with a gold (or sometimes, orange) undertone.

What You Need To Know

Puppy Isabella Frenchie
Cute Isabella Frenchie Puppy. Source: Canva

An Isabella French Bulldog is a rare type of Frenchie with a unique genetic makeup. An Isabella French Bulldog carries recessive chocolate genes and dilution genes. This type of dog can cost up to $10,000 because of that. Even if their fawn coat color is hard to come by, these Frenchies all have the same playful nature as every French Bulldog!

Remember that beyond the color, the most important is your pup’s health, so make sure to choose a reputable breeder when buying a new Frenchie.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Isabella French Bulldog?

The Isabella French Bulldog is a distinct variety of Frenchie characterized by its unique genetics. Its fawn-colored coat is intermixed with hints of blue and gray, making it a rare and fascinating variation.

Why are Isabella French Bulldogs so expensive?

Isabella French Bulldogs come with a high price tag due to the complexity involved in replicating their genetic composition. Breeders struggle to find the perfect combination of French Bulldogs that can produce a litter of Isabella puppies.

Do Isabella French Bulldogs have health issues?

It is crucial to note that Isabella French Bulldogs are prone to developing color-dilution alopecia due to their genetic makeup. This condition can have severe effects on their hair and skin, leading to hair loss and dryness. It is mostly observed in dogs with the blue (dilution) gene.

Where can I find an Isabella French Bulldog?

Finding Isabella French Bulldogs can be challenging due to their rarity. It is advisable to seek out reputable breeders and be willing to invest a considerable amount of money. Another option is to check with nearby shelters to inquire about the availability of Isabella French Bulldogs for adoption.

How much is an Isabella French Bulldog?

The cost of purchasing an Isabella French Bulldog can range from $5,000 to $10,000, making it among the priciest varieties of French Bulldogs available for purchase.

How do you tell if your Frenchie is an Isabella?

To tell if your Frenchie is an Isabella, you need to check their genes. An Isabella French Bulldog always carries bbdd genes, which represent their recessive B Locus and D Locus genes. If both B Locus genes are recessive (i.e., “bb”) and both D Locus genes are recessive too (i.e., “dd”), you have an Isabella Frenchie. A DNA test can help you determine if your Frenchie is an Isabella.

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