It’s Not White – But It’s Definitely Sweet! Time To Meet The Cream French Bulldog

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Winston Cream French Bulldog
Winston, the Cream Frenchie, was best-in-show at the 2022 National Dog Show in Philadelphia. Credit πŸ“Έ: Steve Donahue/ National Dog Show

It’s sweet, light-colored, and will make your day. It’s not cream – it’s a Cream Frenchie!

What’s a Cream French Bulldog?

A Cream French Bulldog is a rare Frenchie with a light-colored coat most would describe as pale or eggshell. This type of French Bulldog has a lot of variations, though most of them are treated as different types of Frenchies.

I’m spending a lot of time reading about Frenchie genetics, and I have to say Cream Frenchies helped me understand the subject a bit more. You’ll soon understand why!

Do you want a little cream with your Frenchie? Let’s talk all about it below.

What’s A Cream French Bulldog?

Cream Frenchie
Joy the Cream Frenchie
Credit πŸ“Έ: @joywithnojob

A Cream Frenchie is a rare French Bulldog with an eggshell or off-white coat color. 

Creams are pretty rare because of their genetic makeup, although lots of people confuse this Frenchie with more common ones, like Fawns.

Similar to Black Frenchies, Cream French Bulldogs are equal parts rare and affordable. In fact, you could say they’re hard to find and easy to afford – as long as we’re talking prices within the Frenchie market.

What’s something you should know about Cream Frenchies? They became a big thing in the 1950s – and have been a huge part of French Bulldog history ever since. Nowadays, they have many siblings and cousins (you’ll understand what I mean in the second part of this article).

Are Cream Frenchies Rare?

That depends on who you ask! The short answer is that Cream Frenchies are rare – but the long answer is a bit more complicated.

What do I mean by that? People think this type of French Bulldog is far from rare because they spot them all the time – but Creams are not always what they seem!

The fact is, plenty of people confuse Cream Frenchies with White Frenchies and Fawn Frenchies because they look very similar (even more so for me because I’m colorblind – I can hardly tell them apart).

Fortunately, even colorblind people like me can tell lookalike Frenchies apart, thanks to genetics. Learning about colors and DNA will help if you’re looking for a Cream French Bulldog.

What Color Is A Cream Frenchie?

A Cream French Bulldog looks similar to a White or light Fawn but has a duller coat color. You could say these Frenchies are pale looking – but not because they’re scared!

Some people may say these Frenchies have an eggshell color coat, too.

Search for examples of Cream Frenchies online. You may soon realize plenty of people confuse Creams with light-colored Fawns.

One thing that may help you spot a Cream Frenchie is that they sport no colored patterns or spots. There’s no such thing as a Piebald Cream French Bulldog, for example. 

You can’t beat a genetic test when telling Frenchies apart, though.

What Makes A Cream Frenchie?

Cream French Bulldogs carry two recessive E Locus Genes (ee). There are six types of E genes, and only a few are behind Creams.

E genes could be:

  • Melanistic Face Mask (Em)
  • Grizzle (Eg)
  • Black (E)
  • Recessive Red (e) – these genes make a Cream Frenchie

At the same time, you have three types of Recessive Red genes (i.e., e1, e2, and e3 – but only e1 applies to Frenchies). That makes it six E alleles (“allele” means gene variation).

Cream Frenchies carry two Recessive Red (ee) genes. Here’s the interesting part about these genes: even though they’re recessive, they act as dominant genes over almost everything else.

In other words, two Recessive Red genes prevent black, sable, or almost any other pigmentation from taking place. At the same time, these two recessive (ee) genes can pair up with other alleles to create different types of pretty Frenchies.

It’s just like coffee! You put a little cream on top – and it changes the whole thing. 

You probably know there’s more than one way to have your coffee with cream, but you probably didn’t know there are many Cream Frenchies variations.

How Many Types Of Cream Frenchies Are There?

Even though they will look almost identical, genetically you can find multiple types of Cream Frenchies, which I’d like to separate into two categories, the close siblings and the distant cousins.

What’s the difference between those two? 

  • Close siblings of a Cream French Bulldog are those Frenchies who you can still consider Creams.
  • Distant cousins are more distant genetically speaking, so you may consider them as a different type of Frenchies.

Close Sibling Examples

  • A Blue Cream Frenchie has Blue genes covered by Cream genes, so they may have Blue offspring
  • A Cream Merle Frenchie has Merle genes covered by Cream genes, so they may have Merle offspring.
Blue Cream French Bulldog and Merle Cream Frenchie
On the left is a Blue Frenchie covered in Cream and on the right s Merle Frenchie covered in Cream.
Credit πŸ“Έ: 1: @KingKovu, 2: @NBBK

Distant Cousin Examples

  • A Champagne Frenchie needs two recessive Cream genes and two recessive genes responsible for cocoa or chocolate colors – but it gets more interesting past that
  • A Platinum Frenchie has the genes responsible for Blue, cocoa, and Cream colors
  • An Isabella Platinum Frenchie carries the genes responsible for Blue, chocolate, and Cream colors.
  • A New Shade Platinum Frenchie has a premium name and premium genes, as they carry Blue, chocolate, and cocoa genes – on top of the Cream genes!
Genetics of Cream French Bulldog
1. Champagne Frenchie @Coco, 2. Isabella Platinum Frenchie @SteelWingKennel 3. Platinum French Bulldog @DebbiesFrenchies, 4. New Shade Platinum French Bulldog @Boutiq_bullz

Does The AKC Recognize Cream French Bulldogs?

The American Kennel Club has extensive guidelines regarding what they consider valid colors for French Bulldogs – and the Cream Frenchie fits those guidelines!

In other words, the AKC recognizes Cream French Bulldog – but why does that matter?

Would-be Frenchie owners can use the AKC to look for breeders if they want a Cream French Bulldog (or any other of the AKC-recognized colors, such as White, Fawn, and Brindle).

At the same time, those lucky enough to own a Cream Frenchie can get into dog shows! 

That’s not my cup of tea, though – I much prefer to spend my weekends on the couch, and I can assure you both my Frenchies feel the same way.

Do Cream French Bulldogs Have Any Issues?

Cream Frenchies don’t have any particular issues, but they can suffer from health concerns common to all French Bulldogs.

However, tear stains are more noticeable on Cream Frenchies. While you shouldn’t worry about them, you should talk to your vet when you notice them.

tear stains french bulldog
Look at those tear stains!
Credit πŸ“Έ: @Mugi

Why do you need to talk to your vet about tear stains? You should do so to rule out any possible complications. You probably won’t find anything wrong with your dog – but it’s always better to play it safe to keep your furry little friend doing great!

How can you deal with French Bulldog‘s tear stains? Talking to your vet is the safest bet to quickly deal with that. Here’s our three-step guide to dealing with tear stains:

  1. Grab clean Frenchie-friendly dog wipes. Your vet can help you pick one that your dog will love!
  2. Gently scrub the tear stains away. Make sure you’re not rubbing your Frenchie’s face but gently taking care of business
  3. Get ahead of the issue. You should keep your Frenchie’s face spotless to prevent further issues. Go back to step one whenever you spot tear stains

Is your Frenchie getting tear stains often? These things happen because of dietary (changing dog food may do wonders) and environmental issues (where’s your dog playing? Is mud or sand irritating your Frenchie’s eyes?). 

Check those two – and, if possible, talk to a vet, so they can help you sort these things out.

How Much Does A Cream French Bulldog Cost?

A Cream Frenchie costs anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000. That may sound expensive, but it would surprise you to learn it’s one of the most affordable French Bulldogs you can find on the market.

I should tell you right now that Cream Frenchies cost less than $5,000 – but rare Cream variations (that often go by different names) will have a price tag two or three times that amount.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at our price chart:

  • A White Frenchie (who people often mistake for Cream) costs $2,500 to $5,000
  • A Cream Frenchie costs anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000
  • A Platinum Frenchie (a Cream variation) costs two to three times that, at $10,000 to $15,000

These three Frenchies may look similar – but your wallet will know the difference!

What You Need To Know

A Cream French Bulldog has an eggshell or off-white color coat. This type of Frenchie is very hard to come by because it carries two recessive Cream genes, though their rarity doesn’t make it an expensive choice for would-be buyers. However, certain Cream variations (such as the Platinum French Bulldog) cost two or three times as much. These Frenchies are easy to confuse with light Fawns and Whites. Luckily, a DNA test helps figure out which one is which.

How much does a Cream French Bulldog cost?

A Cream French Bulldog costs anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000, making it one of the most affordable French Bulldogs on the market. However, rare Cream variations (such as Platinum Frenchies) can cost two or three times that amount.

Are Cream Frenchies rare?

Yes, Cream Frenchies are rare due to their genetic makeup, but they are often confused with other Frenchies that look similar.

What is the Difference between Cream and Platinum French Bulldog?

The main difference between a Cream French Bulldog and a Platinum French Bulldog is the genetic makeup of their coat color. A Cream Frenchie has two recessive E Locus Genes (ee) responsible for the Recessive Red gene, which gives them an eggshell or off-white coat color. On the other hand, a Platinum Frenchie has the genes responsible for Blue, cocoa, and Cream colors, which gives them a shiny, silvery coat color. Platinum Frenchies are a rare and expensive variation of Cream Frenchies, costing two to three times more than a regular Cream Frenchie.

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