Kristina Eddy

Content Creator
Frenchie Mum
Sports Reporter
Dog Lover


  • Owns a Red Fawn French Bulldog
  • Has more than 5K followers on Instagram
  • Active member of the French Bulldog Community in New Zealand


Kristina  joined the Frenchie gang two years ago when she picked up her red fawn Frenchie Sir Steven. He’s an absolute gem and she has learnt so much about the breed on her Frenchie mum journey. She has spent countless hours scouring the web looking for advice and tips on this fun, but quirky, breed and she is excited to share her own experiences with you, as well as all of the research she has gathered online, and from other owners, over the past few years. When she is not writing about Frenchies, or working in the media, Steven and her are exploring some of nature’s best spots in New Zealand or mixing with his besties at Frenchie meet-ups.

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