JM Albandoz

Freelance Copywriter
Frenchie Dad
Experienced Copywriter
Dog Lover


  • Owns 2 Frenchies, One Piebald and one Brindle
  • 5+ Years of Copywriting experience


JM is a freelance writer who mostly focuses on cybersecurity and personal finance – but he couldn’t resist taking a spot at French Bulldogs Lovers to write about these beautiful dogs! His two Frenchies, Manny and Luzy, often play near him whenever he is working. From time to time, they’ll bark at each other whenever they want to play with the same toy. That’s when he knows he has to take a break and play with them for a while. He spends a lot of time with these two attention-seeking little balls of joy, so he knows taking care of two French Bulldogs can become a bit challenging. That doesn’t mean he would trade the endless kisses he receives for anything in the world.
It also means he can talk from experience whenever you want to learn more about Frenchies or need a hand dealing with one of their issues.

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